AvL Roof Mount Auto-Deploy Antenna Solutions

Created for use where performance really matters, AvL’s Vehicle Mounted Mobile Broadband systems enable video, voice, IP and data communication anywhere in the world, with the push of a single button. The precision of AvL’s patent-pending AvL Cable Drive positioners paired with the ease of one-button Auto-Acquisition and superior technical support make our vehicle mount antennas ideal for non-technical antenna operators. 

AVL 0.96m Motorized Roof Mount

AvL 1078 1.0M Roof Mount Auto-Deploy VSAT

The AvL 1078 1.0M Mobile VSAT mobile broadband antenna has been retooled for a more sleek and compact profile that provides video, voice, IP and data communication.

AVL 1.2m Motorized Roof Mount

AvL 1258 1.2M Roof Mount Auto-Deploy VSAT

Reliable, robust and simple to operate, the 1258 Mobile VSAT vehicle mounted antenna features an offset 1.2m reflector paired with a patented AvL Cable Drive positioner. The 1258 has been retooled with a sleek design and numerous new features. This model can be mounted on a large SUV, van, or larger vehicles and trailers.


AvL 1878 1.8M Roof Mount Auto-Deploy VSAT

The Model 1878 mobile broadband antenna system is a motorized, palletized Ku-band antenna. The 1878 provides connectivity in remote environments worldwide where larger aperture antennas are desired to combat rain-fade and weaker satellite signals.

 AVL 2.4M 2410K motorized vehicle antenna

AvL 2410K 2.4M Roof Mount Auto-Deploy SNG Antenna

This AvL 2410K, 2.4M Motorized Antenna System is equipped with a highly accurate automatic drive system which enables this antenna to drive to the calculated position based on auto GPS and Flux-Gate Compass data and satellite peaking with LNB signal.