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Optimizing iDirect Upstream Carriers

A VSAT satellite service provider came to IsoTropic Networks recently with a big issue “We are running out of TDMA time slots, but not bandwidth.” They added additional inbound carriers, which did not solve the problem. As you probably know, satellite bandwidth is the most expensive part of providing satellite service. Optimization of your space segment, particularly your iDirect upstream carriers, is extremely important and takes skills many satellite operators might not have on staff. Read on to find what we did, specifically, to fix the problem of running out of TDMA time slots, but not bandwidth.

Summary of Improvement

  • 110% – Increase in the number of TDMA Time Slots Available
  • 14% – Increase in available bandwidth for use by end users on the network.
  • 3sec – Decrease in latency during peak hour

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